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Piano practice as a dexterity and artistry booster for violin and surgery:


Free MP3:  Calvin Lee, MD plays piano:  Debussy Arabesque #1  (right click to download)

Botox relaxes the muscles, this piece relaxes the mind.


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Calvin Lee, MD has been giving lectures for Allergan regarding Latisse in Northern California.  Visit our Latisse Modesto page.


Previous events:

Modesto Symphony Ad which ran along with an
ad for the Surgical Artistry Modesto Marathon

Modesto Junior College
Performing and Media Arts Center
435 College Ave.
Modesto, CA

Duo Violin Recital
Sunday, April 11, 2010 at 2:00 PM
MJC Main Auditorium
435 College Ave
Modesto, CA 95350
Phone: (209) 575-6776
Adult - $12.00 Senior - $10.00 Student - $10.00

Buy tickets online or at the door.



Welcome to my website.  I've thrown a few things of interest here.  This isn't a professional website by any means.  I am a physician (Surgeon and Acupuncturist) in Modesto, California, and to balance my life, I enjoy my life-long hobby of playing violin and piano.  Playing music for me balances the artistry of Botox injections, filler injections, acupuncture needling, hernia surgeries, gallbladder operations, and breast cancer operations.  I work at Surgical Artistry in Modesto, California with my wife Dr. Tammy, Plastic Surgeon


Calvin Lee, MD, Guest Concertmaster, July 17, 2009, Schindler's List Theme Solo, Taipei, Taiwan (National Concert/Music Hall), with the Taipei Civic Symphony.  Another solo in Star Wars (not shown).

I was pleasantly surprised to see this on YouTube.  I actually didn't know it was recorded.  I'm grateful I had a chance to really hear my violin against an orchestra.  This is a relatively new violin for me, although I've had it for about 10 years.  It is a violin by Francois Louis Pique, France - Late 1700's.

You can double click on it to see a bigger version.

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Calvin Lee in Strings Magazine Sept 2009 issue
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Flyer from the August 22, 2009 performance in Hong Kong's Cultural Center
with the Hong Kong Medical Association Orchestra (HKMAO)
click to see details



Flyer from the August 25th, 2009 performance in Macau, China
with the Macau Youth Symphony Orchestra (MYSO) - I played Sarasate's Zigeunerweisen
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The picture of me in the Macau concert flyer was taken by Adrian Mendoza


來自美國的李茗樵醫生七歲在紐約跟隨Mary Canberg學習小提琴,獲哈佛大學收錄,並在布朗大學取得腦神經科學及醫學博士學位。在布朗大學時,李茗樵已是大學管弦樂團的團長,並嬴得協奏曲比賽冠軍。最近李茗樵醫生加入YouTube Symphony,與名指標家Michael Tilson Thomas合作。李茗樵醫生是外科醫生,與任職整形外科醫生的太太Dr. Tammy Wu一起工作。請參閱他的私人網站。

Dr. Calvin Lee , MD (USA) began his violin studies began at age 7 in New York with his teacher Mary Canberg. He was accepted to Harvard University. He obtained his neuroscience and medical degree from Brown University. While at Brown University, he was concertmaster of the University Symphony under conductor Paul Phillips and won the concerto competition. Recently he participated in the YouTube Symphony under the direction of famed conductor Michael Tilson Thomas. He currently practices General Surgery, Cosmetic Medicine and Acupuncture with his wife, Dr. Tammy Wu who is a Plastic Surgeon. His website is

YouTube Videos

You could probably find my videos by searching "Calvin Lee Violin" or "Calvin Lee Piano"

I have embedded some of them here temporarily (I will probably remove these in a month's time)


Just a Sampling of Violin & Piano Videos I have on YouTube

Calvin Lee, Playing violin in an empty house in Modesto, CA (Village One Area). 
This was part of my YouTube Symphony Audition


Calvin Lee, Playing Piano:  Chopin Etude 10/1.  And also Debussy Arabesque. 
I realize now, that I had the camera on the wrong setting - the dynamics have been equalized.
  I guess I should re-record it sometime


Part I of NPR (National Public Radio, USA) Interview with Jeffery Callison on Insight


Part 2 (end) of NPR (National Public Radio, USA) Interview with Jeffery Callison on Insight


Calvin Lee, showing off his violin on ABC World News.


Al Jazeera (English) 



Calvin Lee, packing for Carnegie Hall (April, 2009).  "Musicians are pretty dangerous" - self made home video for YouTube before going to Carnegie Hall with the YouTube Symphony Orchestra.


Calvin Lee, Audio 1993 only (with picture slide show from a different era - 2003) -
Tchaikovksy Violin Concerto first movement, with Brown University Orchestra 1993.

Conductor for the above recording is Paul Phillips who is still at Brown University.

Mr. Phillips has me listed as a "notable former student"



Calvin Lee adventures in Taiwan

Pictures I took:  National Concert Hall of Taipei, Taiwan

My Taiwan Blog
My Plastic Surgery Modesto Blog
My Acupuncture for Infertility Blog

My Violin Blog

My resume and surgery etc webpage (this was my main "Calvin Lee" page)

Dr. Calvin Lee's Video Channel on YouTube - Violin and Piano

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My office telephone:  (209) 551-1888 (Surgical Artistry Inc, Plastic Surgery Modesto, CA USA)

My office fax:  (209) 551-5662

email:  clee [at]

Calvin Lee, MD and Tammy Wu, MD in Hong Kong

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李茗樵 (Calvin Lee, MD)
Acupuncture, Aesthetic Medicine and Artistry

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Other stuff that I may erase later:

Brown University wanted me to answer some questions about my life and why I chose their school/medical program.  I'm in the process of re-recording this so I don't look so tired.  I recorded the above/below video at 4AM in the morning (they are the same video).  Here's the youtube version of it.